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How does it work?


The way we currently mop our floors is not ideal. We spread the dirt around the area we are mopping, wasting lots of water and detergent by frequently changing the water in the bucket because it gets dirty so quickly.

The new Ecofrego system works by keeping the clean water separate from the dirty water, using two wringers and two separate compartments so that the clean water does not mix with the dirt, dust and liquids which we clean up when we mop the floor. Effectively, it's like having two separate buckets.

With Ecofrego, thanks to the fact that we no longer mix the water, we can mop more efficiently and get our floors cleaner, we can avoid the nuisance of having to refill the bucket several times, and we can save on time, water, and detergent.

With Ecofrego, you can mop better, save some money and save the planet at the same time!